Brand Video for Wasfa

What I Did: Collaboratively designed and provided the script for this engaging brand video, showcasing the unique features and benefits of Wasfa App, in a successful partnership with a Polish digital brand agency.

Business Problem I Solved: This dynamic brand video has significantly elevated the visibility and appeal of the Wasfa App. By effectively showcasing its distinctive features, the video serves as a powerful marketing tool, capturing the attention of the target audience. The collaboration with the Polish digital brand agency resulted in a seamless blend of creativity and strategic communication, reinforcing Wasfa's brand identity and solidifying its position in the digital landscape.

Brand Video for Tazweed

What I Did: Co-designed and scripted this engaging brand video, showcasing the uniqueness of Tazweed. Just a little flex- This video was the best performing asset the company had seen since its inception.

Business Problem I Solved: This brand video turned out to be more than just a creative project. It became a game-changer for Tazweed, emerging as the best-performing asset the company has seen since its inception. The video effectively conveyed Tazweed's uniqueness, leaving a lasting impression on its audience and significantly contributing to the brand's success.

Print Ad for Biz

Another small flex- this flyer got us our highest number of clients per day the day it was launched at an IT convention in Singapore. I got a small bonus because of this too! 😬

Advanced Data Analysis for Wine Quality Prediction

What I Did: Developed a Python program to analyze a "Wine Quality" dataset. Utilized Pandas and Matplotlib to explore basic statistics and visualize data through histograms. Conducted both regression and classification analyses to derive insights.

Business Problem I Solved: In the regression analysis, I used the alcohol content to predict wine quality, achieving a Mean Squared Error of 0.5, indicating a reasonably accurate model. For classification, I categorized wines as 'good' or 'not good' (quality cutoff: 6.5), resulting in a 90% accurate model with a balanced precision-recall trade-off. These analyses provide actionable insights for understanding and predicting wine quality, empowering informed decision-making in the wine industry.

Sentiment Analysis of Kmart's "Ship My Pants"

What I Did: This project involves a comprehensive analysis of public sentiment and perceptions surrounding Kmart's controversial "Ship My Pants" YouTube commercial. The aim is to gauge reactions, conduct sentiment analysis, and identify key themes through text analytics and mining. The analysis focuses on understanding how the advertisement impacts brand image and audience response.

Business Problem I Solved: The business problem addressed in "Analyzing Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' YouTube Commercial Reviews" is to gauge public sentiment and perceptions of the controversial advertisement. By conducting sentiment analysis and identifying key themes through text analytics, the goal is to understand how the ad impacts Kmart's brand image and audience response. This analysis provides actionable insights into viewer perspectives, helping Kmart adapt its marketing strategies and navigate potential challenges arising from the controversial nature of the commercial.