Get to know me

Hello! 💁🏻‍♀️
I’m Somya— student, professional, perpetual lit. buff and creative digital strategist living in Toronto.

I like to make & break (records, hopefully) things in business — from processes, to strategies, to creating things from scratch. I also love helping brands figure out their niche and understand their target market.

Here's some things I'm interested in...

  1. Python

  2. SQL

  3. Creative writing

  4. Coffees from around the world

  5. Any film directed by Martin Scorsese

  6. Website analytics; user behaviour

  7. Psychology and why humans do what they do

  8. Being curious and falling down random rabbit holes (thanks, Reddit)

  9. Music (see: rock, qawwali, R&B)

  10. How to please all customers